GetTV’s Weekend Rarities

(Above: Steven Seagal in ‘True Justice’)

Rare TV series starring Steven Seagal and Sally Field are coming to free over-the-air channel GetTV this weekend.

True Justice

In this police procedural, which originally ran on Reelz Channel for two seasons starting in 2012, Steven Seagal plays a cop running a four-person undercover task force in Seattle.

The action movie veteran also created the series and co-wrote 10 of the 26 hour-long episodes, including the first, “Deadly Crossing,” which GetTV will air tomorrow. In this episode, the team follows a murder trail “up to the highest circles of Russian organized crime.”

Speaking of Russia, a year after True Justice left the air, Seagal called President Putin “one of the great living world leaders.” He was subsequently granted Russian citizenship in 2016, and appointed Russian Special Envoy to the US this past summer.

True Justice remains Seagal’s only TV series. GetTV will show two episodes each Saturday night at 8 pm ET. You can also stream the first season on Netflix.

The Girl with Something Extra

In her third sitcom, following Gidget and The Flying Nun, Sally Field plays a newlywed whose husband discovers she has a secret power – ESP. This Bewitched-like, but less gimmicky,wannabe lasted for just one NBC season of 22 half-hours in 1973-1974.

Field then became a movie star, winning two Oscars (Norma Rae, Places in the Heart). She also continued on TV, winning three Emmys (Sybil, ER, Brothers & Sisters). She can currently be seen in Netflix’s Maniac.

GetTV will show six episodes of The Girl with Something Extra this Sunday night starting at midnight ET.

You can get GetTV free by hooking an antenna up to your TV set and finding your local station at “Get the Channel.”

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