More TV for Cord-Cutters

Streamers Pluto TV and Philo have added channels to their linear TV lineups.

Pluto TV, which you can watch for free without having to register, has five new channels:

Pluto TV Election 2018 (Ch 103). For election junkies, this  carries up-to-date midterm campaign news, including House and Senate races and the latest polls, from Newsy, Bloomberg and other sources.

Pet Collective (Ch 273).  Kittens, puppies, raccoons and other adorable animals engage in endearingly, sometimes human-like, behavior. Cue jaunty music.

Wham (Ch 332). For the gamer fanatic, this offers 24/7 access to e-sports and “casual gaming.”

Law & Crime Network (Ch 640). Look for live trials on the docket during weekdays. The channel also just added a 30-minute legal wrap-up show, The Daily Debrief.

Forensic Files (Ch 507).  Forensic Files is a true-crime and mystery investigative series that aired on TLC, CourtTV and finally TruTV. It lasted 14 seasons (1996 to 2011), accumulating 404 episodes, most of which were a half-hour long — enough programming to now populate its own channel.

Hallmark on Philo

If you’re willing to pay, there’s Philo, which launched last fall as a lower-cost streaming alternative to such services as YouTube TV and Hulu Live.

Philo just added Hallmark Channel, along with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama, to its basic 43-channel, $16-per-month, bundle. In addition to such holiday events as Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Miracles of Christmas, Hallmark promises 22 new Christmas-themed movies this year, starting with Christmas at Pemberley Manor.

You can also subscribe to a 55-channel premium tier for $20 per month. Additional channels in that plan include American Heroes, Logo, MTV Live and Nicktoons.

To access Philo, you can sign up at for a free seven-day trial by using your phone number.

You can also peruse Philo’s entire channel lineups at

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