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(Above: The ‘Oddbods’ on YouTube Kids. Source: YouTube screenshot)

The free YouTube Kids app is offering Halloween-themed fare for young viewers to stream.

Following incidents that involved inappropriate content slipping through the cracks, YouTube has also introduced controls to enable parents to manage what their kids watch.

Halloween-related shows include:

Oddbods Halloween special. This CGI-animated series stars seven friends (Bubbles, Fuse, Jeff, Newt, Pogo, Slick, and Zee) who wear furry colorful suits and display distinct personalities. The pals live in Oddsville and love getting into mischief. In this episode, “Party Monsters,” Jeff has hired Marv, “the most marvelous” magician, to spice up his costume party. When Marv’s act goes bust, he casts a spell on the partygoers, turning them into their costumed alter egos.

You can also watch the episode via the Oddbods channel or right here:

Zombie Hotel. This series features zombie twins Fungus and Maggot who pretend to be human so they can go to the local school. The twins become friends with a human, Sam, who joins them in adventures at the hotel run by their zombie parents, Rictus and Funerella, and the hotel’s wacky employees. You can also view episodes on Gaumont Animation’s YouTube channel.

And you can see episode one right here:

Halloween Themed Playlists

If your child consumes content like Halloween candy, YouTube Kids also provides special spooky playlists.

For example, Nickelodeon star Jace Norman introduces a selection of Halloween-themed videos from the children’s cable network.

Below, the Merrill Twins offer 25 DIY Halloween costume ideas:

And Australia’s Jimmy Giggle and Hoot have assembled their own “bootastic playlist.”

To download the app, visit YouTube Kids.



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