Prosecutors vs POTUS

(Above: Kenneth Starr. Source: The News Behind the News)

Glued to cable news discussions about Robert Mueller and Donald Trump? Then, keep reading!

The Prosecutor & The Presidency — a five-part, 13-hour history of investigations into our nation’s Commander-in-Chief – has debuted on a brand-new subscription streamer, The News Behind the News.

The series features interviews with 11 former Attorneys General and independent/special prosecutors, including Richard Kleindienst (AG, 1972-1973), Benjamin Civiletti (AG, 1979-1981) and Kenneth Starr (Independent Counsel, 1994-2001). Those three, pictured below, are all featured in a promo for the first episode, which you can view here. The topic: “The Oath of Office and the Oath to tell the Truth.”

The News Behind the News comes from the Full Disclosure Network (FDN). And here’s a full disclosure: The Savvy Screener had never heard of FDN until today.

But FDN and The News Behind the News have been around since 1992 when they were formed by the non-profit American Association of Women to “promote and encourage public awareness and discussion of critical issues that are rarely covered ​in​ the mainstream media.”

Shows ran on cable TV until 2009 when productions moved online. You can sample videos at or try a free five-day trial to the new subscription service at With the latter, you’ll get The Prosecutor & The Presidency in addition to unspecified other videos.

If you want to continue after the trial period, The News Behind the News will cost 12.99 monthly or $114 annually.

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