‘Street Art Challenge’

(Above: ‘Street Art Challenge.’ Source: Insight TV)

Insight TV, the subscription streamer with 4K UHD content, will launch Street Art Challenge on Tuesday, October 16.

Produced by Sweden’s Strix Television, the eight-episode series tasks visual artists from different cities to collaborate on a new project. Can they combine their distinct skills and perspectives to deliver a piece of art that delights their clients?

Each episode takes place in a different country: Spain, Hong Kong, Russia, Greece, India, Holland, Portugal and the UK.

Street Art Challenge Insight TV

Episode one features British street art duo The London Police, famous for their iconic black and white characters, joining forces with New York-based Elle. They meet in Sa Penya in Ibiza (off Spain’s east coast, in the Mediterranean), where their client requests a tribute to the island’s original inhabitants.

Insight TV offers a seven-day free trial, no credit card required. After that, you can subscribe for $2.99 monthly or $18 annually. For more info, or to sign up, visit insight.tv.

For a device list, visit insight.tv/page/devices.

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