Russian Royals Live On

(Above: ‘The Romanoffs.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

The first two episodes of Amazon Prime’s anthology series, The Romanoffs, from Mad Men showrunner Matt Weiner, will debut this Friday.

The Russian monarchy – and a long dynastic era in European history – came to a brutal end in 1918 when Communist revolutionaries murdered Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

Post mortem, numerous imposters claimed to be blue bloods who had miraculously escaped the Reds, thereby stoking a continuing fascination with the deceased Russian royals.

The Romanoffs, debuting its first two one-hour episodes on October 12, uses that royal lineage as the foundation for an eight-episode anthology. These fictional Romanoffs believe they are actual descendants, and their different stories unfold in separate locations around the globe.

The first episode, “The Violet Hour,” is set in Paris and involves an ancestral home that holds “the key to the family’s future.” It stars Marthe Keller, Aaron Eckhart, Ines Melab and Louise Bourgoin.

The second installment, “The Royal We,” focuses on a married couple who, in a rut, find “their own temptations.” The cast includes Corey Stoll, Kerry Bishé, Janet Montgomery and Noah Wyle.

Subsequent episodes will drop weekly on Fridays through November 23. This marks the first time Amazon Prime has not launched an entire series at one time.

Weiner created, wrote and directed The Romanoffs, and Mad Men acting alumni such as Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Jay R. Ferguson and Cara Buono appear in future episodes. Behind-the-scenes veterans of the popular AMC series were also involved in The Romanoffs.

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