Mandatory Voting in US?

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The mid-term Congressional elections are five weeks away, and the electorate has never seemed more divided.

Amidst the heated tribalism, Twin Cities PBS and have launched an 11-episode short-form series, America From Scratch, that, if nothing else, serves as a civilly toned civics discussion.

Hosted by Toussiant Morrison, each episode ponders such questions as: “Should We Have More Than Two Major Political Parties?,” “Should We Elect Our Supreme Court Justices?,” “Should We Rewrite Our Constitution?”  and “Should We Have a President?”

Perhaps most relevant to the moment, there’s the following episode, “Should We Make Voting Mandatory?”

“With the current conversation around young Americans and civic participation, we hope for America from Scratch to be a fun and educational way to not only challenge, but to celebrate the structure of our country’s government,” said Maribel Lopez, executive producer of the series and acting director of

Episodes can be found both on PBS and YouTube.

In addition to the web series, America From Scratch is also available as a podcast.

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