IFC’s ‘Fortune Rookie’

(Above: Janet Varney in ‘Fortune Rookie.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

The Comedy Crib, IFC’s online home for comedy shorts, has launched an eight-episode series, Fortune Rookie, about a woman who leaves behind show business to pursue a career as a psychic.

The series was created by and stars Janet Varney playing a fictionalized version of herself.

Prompted by a fortune teller she meets in a bathroom, Janet hangs out her own shingle in Los Angeles, ministering to “aspiring cult leaders” and “aging boy bands,” among other clientele. The tools of her trade include reading palms, tarot cards and “the occasional piece of cheese.”

Guests include SNL alumni Fred Armisen and Laraine Newman.

Here’s Varney and Armisen in episode one:

For more information, visit ifc.com/comedy-crib/fortune-rookie.

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