CBN News Channel Debuts

(Above: Co-hosts Terry Meeuwsen and Pat Robertson on ‘The 700 Club.’ Source: CBN News)

Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network has entered the 24-hour conservative news field with the CBN News Channel, available via 15 over-the-air channels around the country, as well as online and on apps for iOS and Android. You can also view it here on The Savvy Screener.

You can watch CBN News Channel via an antenna hooked up to your TV set if you live in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit and 12 other markets. For a complete list of stations and channel numbers, visit RabbitEars.

CBN News Channel’s content features several daily showings of Newswatch, a one-hour newscast, and The 700 Club, the 52-year-old discussion series co-hosted by Robertson. Other shows include Faith Nation, a political talk show; Studio 5, with pop culture and  entertainment news; Jerusalem Dateline, Christian World News and Healthy Living.

For a complete schedule and show descriptions, visit



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