Netflix En Français

Netflix, which has rapidly expanded its international library, will add four French TV series and four films. Premiere dates were not announced.

The series will include:

Family Business (tentative title). This half-hour comedy, set some time in the past, involves a young man who transforms his family’s butcher business into a coffee shop.

Marianne. Emma is a young horror novelist who discovers that the terrifying characters she has created might actually exist.

Vampires. Based on the book by Thierry Jonquet, this series features a rebellious teenage girl who is about to change into a vampire. Her overly protective mother enlists her estranged siblings in a race to find a cure.

Plan Coeur. This romantic comedy about a woman in her 30s desperate to find love is scheduled for an end-of-year launch.

The films will include:

Banlieusards. Noumouké, 15 years old and the youngest of three brothers living in a troubled Paris suburb, must choose which of his two brothers’ footsteps he wants to follow.

La Grande Classe. Two small-town best friends turned Parisian sophisticates return home for a high-school reunion to take revenge on their former tormenters and come to terms with their teenage crush.

Solidarite. This documentary concerns the destinies of five men and women who are “symbols of resilience and bearers of hope in humanity.”

Paris Est Une Fete (tentative title). This is described as a “real-time” love story shot over three years on the streets of Paris amid the echoes of terror attacks and social upheavals.


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