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(Above: Drawfee illustrators Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffee in ‘Cartoon Hell.’ Source: Youtube screenshot)

Ah, to be free of nervous advertisers.

CollegeHumor Media, the parent company of the youth-oriented CollegeHumor, Dorkly and Drawfee, has launched an ad-free subscription streamer, Dropout, that allows CollegeHumor’s comedic brains to push the boundaries of good taste.

Be Gone, Ad Revenue Model

Dropout promises a mix of videos, comics, and written narratives (“Chat Stories”) unconstrained by corporate sensibilities.

Below, Sam Reich, CH Media’s chief creative officer, explains how shedding advertising support will enable Dropout to explore raunch’s outer limits:

Dropout offers such shows as:

Cartoon Hell. Each week illustrators Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffee, founders of Drawfee, must sketch a cartoon good-enough for them to escape an eternity in hell. You can watch the pilot episode here:

Dimension 20: Fantasy High. Dungeon Master Brennan Lee Mulligan leads a campaign involving the Aguefort Adventuring Academy, a fantastical high school for teenage elves, orcs, gnomes and goblins.

Kingpin Katie. Katie Marovitch, a “frenzied” cocaine user, gets caught up with a drug cartel.

Lonely and Horny. This show, which originated on ad-supported CollegeHumor, features single 30-something Ruby Jade (Amir Blumenfeld) who “wants to have sex more than anything else in the world.” She is assisted by dating coach Josh Rice (Jake Hurwitz).

Paranoia. Ally Beardsley hosts comedians and friends in a game that foists secret stoners on an unsuspecting public.

Rank Room. CollegeHumor cast member Katie Marovitch and a bunch of comedians try to answer such questions as “What is the sexiest way to die?”

See Plum Run. A reboot of CollegeHumor’s Precious Plum, Mama (Josh Rubin) and Plum (Elaine Carroll) run a campaign for student body president at a New England private school.

Total Forgiveness:.Grant and Ally face off in an “agonizing competition” to show they’ll do anything to pay off their student loans.

Troopers. Touted as “a space saga of epic incompetence,” two of Dreadlord Sinister’s underlings, Vin and Mara, go AWOL and cross the galaxy in search of “an item of untold power.”

Um, Actually. Mike Trapp hosts a game in which contestants “flaunt encyclopedic nerd knowledge at Millennium Falcon nerd-speed.”

WTF101. An afternoon with Professor Foxtrot “leads to magical, educational, and extremely gross journeys.”

Fans of comics will find such titles as Gay Spy, Ladies Book Club and Legend of Jared. Chat Stories will include Dating a Black Hole, Lonely and Horny and Nude Pic.

Dropout is currently enticing subscribers with what it calls a “founding member” offer. The price is now $3.99 a month for the first three months, with a seven-day free trial. After that, the service will cost $3.99 a month with an annual subscription,  $4.99 a month with a six-month plan; or $5.99 month on a pay-as-you-go basis.

For more information, visit Dropout.tv.

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