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Did curiosity kill the ancient cats?

No, but what did will be the subject of a documentary series on subscription streamer CuriosityStream.

This Wednesday, September 19, at 8 pm ET, CuriosityStream will debut Age of Big Cats, a three-part series that travels back 2 million years to track the lineage of today’s modern cats.

Filmmaker and naturalist Martin Dohrn directed the series, which uses CGI to reanimate the Ice Age, an era during which the sabretooth tiger ruled but the ancestors of today’s feline species were ascending.

Seven big cat species get profiled: lions, tigers, snow leopards, pumas, cheetahs, leopards and jaguars. The film examines their hunting tactics, natural habitats, social orders, and evolutionary journeys.

Age of Big Cats

Exclusive first look! The 7 big cats are some of the most powerful predators on Earth, but much is misunderstood about their rise to the top of the food chain. In this 3-part CuriosityStream original 4K series, travel to some of the most dangerous and remote locations on the planet — where big cats reign and nature is at its most savage. 'Age of Big Cats' premieres Sept. 19th at 8:00pm ET! Learn more at

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“Modern big cats represent some of the most spectacular creatures of this or any era in our planet’s history, but the sad truth is that these species find themselves at a crossroads and are in danger of disappearing,” said Dohrn.

The three episodes, presented in 4K, are:

“Origins” – The Pleistocene Era, a period in which sabretooths dominated but competitive species such as snow leopards, cheetahs and jaguars emerge thanks to their ability to adapt to their habitats;

“World Domination” – The sabretooth is extinct, and the lion and tiger rise to the top of the food chain thanks to such innovations as night hunting;

“Survivors” –  Earth’s climate changes. The episode considers the puma and leopard’s perspective, as well as the threats humans pose to the survival of all big cats.

CuriosityStream offers subscriptions starting at $2.99/month, after a week-long free trial. You can subscribe at or via a range of devices.

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