‘Married … with Children’

(Above Katey Sagal and Ed O’Neill in ‘Married … With Children’)

Married … with Children, the sitcom about America’s most unpleasant family (except perhaps the Belmonts), will come to free over-the-air channel GetTV this Monday, September 17.

Four episodes will air weeknights starting at 8 pm ET, with additional two-episode blocks at 1 am and 9 am each weekday.

The series, which ran 11 seasons (1986 to 1997), stars Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill as crass, hapless Al Bundy. Al is a shoe salesman who can do nothing but revel in his past glory days as a high school football star and go to a nudie bar. Sons of Anarchy’s Katey Sagal is his wife, Peggy. Peggy is allergic to housework and cooking, and sexually frustrated by Al’s lack of interest. Al’s daughter Kelly (Christina Applegate) is promiscuous and not-too-bright, while son Bud, though the smart one in the family, is clueless about women.

The show’s memorable theme song, “Love and Marriage,” was taken from Frank Sinatra’s 1955 TV performance in Our Town.

The comedy was the first big hit for the then-fledgling Fox network.

To watch Married … With Children free on GetTV, hook an antenna up to your TV set and locate your local station by visiting “Get the Channel.”

You can also rent or buy individual episodes starting at 99 cents from iTunes or other providers.


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