‘Law & Order: UK’

(Above: Bradley Walsh and Jamie Bambler in ‘Law & Order: UK’)

The first five seasons of Law & Order: UK, the London-based procedural based on the long-running US drama franchise, are now available on subscription streamer Sundance Now.

The series, which ran eight seasons (2009 to 2014) on ITV in the UK, stars Bradley Walsh as Sergeant Detective Ronnie Brooks, a recovering alcoholic from the East End. His junior partner is Sergeant Detective Matt Devlin (Jamie Bambler). They are assigned to the Metropolitan Murder Investigation Unit, which cracks the tough cases from the London streets. The cast includes Harriet Walter as Natalie Chandler, an investigator.

Per the Law & Order formula, the second half of each episode deals with putting the bad guys on trial. In the first four seasons, Ben Daniels plays James Steele, a senior crown prosecutor, who works with Alesha Phillips (Freeman Agyeman), a junior prosecutor. Their boss is George Castle (Bill Paterson). In season five, Jake Thorne (Dominick Rowan) replaces Steel, and Henry Sharpe (Peter Davison) succeeds Castle.

Seasons six through eight of Law & Order: UK are currently unavailable to stream, although you can order DVDs of seasons six and seven from Amazon.

Sundance Now costs $6.99 monthly or $59.99 annually after a seven-day free trial. It’s available at sundancenow.com, or via iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Fire TV and Chromecast.

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