Surfing September

The Labor Day crowds are gone, so let’s go surfing! On Insight TV, that is.

During September, the adventure/lifestyle subscription service is featuring six new surfing-focused shows:

Chasing Monsters: El Nino follows top surfers from Hawaii to California as they pursue the planet’s biggest waves during the 2016 El Nino season.

Day of Days on Thundercloud Reef  tells the story of Fiji’s Cloudbreak, deemed “one of the world’s most spectacular waves.”

Fiji is also one of the islands top surfers visit in the four-episode Lost In. The other three episodes find surfers hitting the waves off Indonesia, Tasmania and Java:

Surf Girls follows three German women as they skateboard and surf in Cape Town, South Africa, while promoting a swimwear photo shoot.

Maverick Moments trails several surfers who struggle “to balance their personal lives with their passion to ride the biggest waves across the globe.”

Lift Off follows Jokke Sommer, one of the world’s best wingsuit pilots, and Niccolo Porcella, a top big wave surfer, as they attempt to switch sports.

Insight TV, whose content is in 4K UHD, offers a seven-day free trial, no credit card required. After that, you can subscribe for $2.99 monthly or $18 annually. For more info, or to sign up, visit

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