‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’

(Above: David Soul in ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera.’ Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Lowbrow gets the highbrow treatment.

Jerry Springer: The Opera, an Olivier-Award-winning musical that premiered at the National Theater in London in 2003, debuts on subscription streamer BroadwayHD this Thursday, August 30.

The musical presents a day in the life of talk-show host and former Cincinnati Mayor Jerry Springer (played in the BroadwayHD production by Starsky & Hutch‘s David Soul). Jerry’s guests include a man who wants to dress up as a baby; a man with three lovers, one of whom is transsexual; and an overweight woman who wants to be a pole dancer.

And then something unusual happens.

The New York Times called the show “a vulgar romp with elements of high- and low-brow culture — soaring, Handel-like arias juxtaposed with the violent and vulgarity-filled scenes the talk show is known for.”

BroadwayHD’s presentation is from a 2005 performance at London’s Cambridge Theatre.

BroadwayHD offers a library of “Broadway-caliber” productions and has presented several Broadway shows live. The service costs $8.99 monthly or $99.99 annually, with a one-week free trial. For more info, including device list, visit broadwayhd.com.

If theater’s the thing for you, you may also want to take a look at BroadwayHD’s new streaming subscription competitor Stage. That service has begun free previews and set its opening night for October 1.

On the other hand, if you’d rather watch The Jerry Springer Show, which recently ended production after 27 years and is now in reruns, you can find your local station and times at jerryspringertv.com/watch.

Next month, reruns — and unaired episodes — of the talk show will start running on The CW network.

You can also watch highlights dating back to 2010 at jerryspringertv.com/videos.


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