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To solve any scandal, anywhere in the world, it’s always good advice to “follow the money.”

But to follow Follow The Money, a Danish drama about an economic scandal, you just need to follow this link to Link TV.

You can also watch the first episode right here, through Wednesday, September 19:

Follow The Money, from the producers of the earlier Danish political drama Borgen, starts with a dead body turning up on an offshore wind farm. An attorney then begins unraveling fraud at the energy company that owns the wind farm. From there he uncovers a world of economic crime in banks, stock exchanges, and boardrooms.

Two 10-episode seasons of Follow the Moneyunder its original title of Bedrag (Deception in English) — ran in Denmark in 2016. Episodes premiere each Monday night at 9 pm ET/PT on the Link TV 24/7 channel, followed by streaming on They’re then rerun on the linear channel Friday nights at 8 pm.

For more info and to stream additional episodes in the weeks ahead, visit

You can find free non-commercial Link TV on Roku or Apple TV. Los Angeles area viewers can also watch over the air via antenna on channel 28.2.

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