Saluting Audie Murphy

(Above: Audie Murphy as ‘Whispering Smith.’ Source: GetTV)

Why is over-the-air channel GetTV celebrating Audie Murphy this Saturday night, August 25?

We don’t know, but why not? Murphy, a bonafide war hero turned western movie star, deserves honoring any day of the year.

GetTV’s Saturday salute to America’s most decorated World War II soldier begins at 8 pm ET with one of Murphy’s last films, 1966’s “spaghetti western” The Texican, co-starring Broderick Crawford. You can also stream The Texican for $2.99 from various providers.

At 10:05 pm, GetTV will show The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957), which the channel describes as “the rare classic western filled with female heroes.” The latter include Kathryn Grant and Hope Emerson. You can also stream the movie for free right here:

Then, at midnight, get ready for nine episodes of Murphy’s only TV series, Whispering Smith, a 1961 NBC western procedural that he described as “Dragnet on horseback.”

You can also watch Whispering Smith weekdays at 6 am on GetTV.

Whispering Smith was a half-hour series, but with today’s increased number of commercials, each episode on GetTV runs 40 minutes. Here though, thanks to YouTube, is the series’ first episode with no commercials at all:

To receive GetTV free, hook an antenna up to your TV set and then locate your local station by visiting its “Get the Channel” page. For the channel’s full schedule, visit

Audie Murphy died at just 45 years old in a plane crash during Memorial Day weekend of 1971. Here’s the news as reported on the era’s three networks, which mistakenly report his age as 46:

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