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(Above: Jasmine Luv stars in ‘Starter Pack’)

“Is your job not exactly what you expected? And are your co-workers a little crazy?”

That description for Starter Pack, debuting today on Facebook Watch, could describe scores of other TV comedies through the years. But not the next line: “Are you stuck hanging out with your ex and his weird friends because you agreed to curate a meme museum, but you actually hate memes?”

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It’s true. Some jobs are just a memes to an end. Follow Starter Pack, premiering Aug. 20th.Watch Starter Pack Now! bit.ly/StarterPackEP1

Posted by Starter Pack on Friday, August 10, 2018

Social media influencer Jasmine Luv stars as Ayana, a recent graduate of a prestigious art school who’s now forced to find “art” in memes, a medium she had previously deemed “the scum of the internet.”

Perhaps some jobs really “are just a memes to an end”?

AT&T Hello Lab Originals, a joint venture of AT&T and Fullscreen, has packed Starter Pack with a cast of “digital creators and traditional talent” designed to appeal to millennial and Gen Z viewers. Promising to tackle current issues facing digital creators — e.g., IP, ownership and profiting from content — the series will include original memes created by real meme artists.

Starter Pack episodes will premiere on Mondays, with mockumentaries from the cast debuting Wednesdays through Fridays. Find the show at facebook.com starterpackshow, and check out the large cast at twitter.com/starterpackshow.  For starters, there’s Smosh’s Anthony Padilla, and, playing himself, rap star/meme artist Ka5sh.

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