Power Morphicon Live

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Power Morphicon, a three-day Power Rangers fanfest, gets underway today at the Anaheim Convention Center.

For those who can’t make the party in person, this Sunday, August 19, Shout Factory’s Brian Ward will host a livestream from the convention that will include cast and crew interviews, panel discussions and other features.

There will be live coverage from 1 to 7 pm ET via Shout Factory and its Twitch channel.

Power Rangers has been running in one incarnation or another since the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series debuted in 1993. So far there have been three films and more than 850 episodes, with a 26th season, Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, slated for 2019.

Netflix offers an extensive Power Rangers catalog. In addition, you can rent/buy hundreds of episodes from $1.99 at Amazon, iTunes and other providers.

The original show borrowed a lot of footage from Super Sentai, a Japanese live-action superhero (aka Tokusatsu) series. Fittingly, Shout! Factory TV is continuing its Summer Of Sentai, with the addition of the 50-episode Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive series. Eight Super Sentai series, totalling 400 episodes, are now free to watch on Shout Factory TV.

Finally, Mystic Cosmic Patrol is a Super Sentai Tokusatsu parody aimed squarely at the funny bone of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans. You can stream it free on FunnyOrDie.com.

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