‘Mystery Road'(s)

(Above: Aaron Pedersen and Judy Davis in ‘Mystery Road.’ Source: YouTube Screenshot)

If you enjoy Mystery Road, perhaps you’ll enjoy Mystery Road.

For starters, Mystery Road is a six-episode drama debuting on Acorn TV this Monday, August 20.

The Sydney Morning Herald said of the series, “If Fargo were to swap the snow for red dirt, it might look something like this.”

The show, which first aired in June on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, stars Oscar nominee Judy Davis (Husbands and Wives, A Passage to India) as local cop Emma James, and Aaron Pedersen as detective Jay Swan. They partner to investigate the disappearance of two young workers at an outback cattle station, colloquially known as jackaroos. Soon the investigators uncover a legacy of crimes and justice denied and learn “that you have to be truthful about your past to understand your present, and to have any sort of future.”

Acorn TV costs $4.99 monthly or $49.99 for a year, with a seven-day free trial. You can stream Acorn online, and on Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android or Chromecast. For more info, visit acorn.tv.

Mystery Road the Movie

You can also watch Mystery Road starring Aaron Pedersen as detective Jay Swan.

In the two-hour feature Mystery Road (2013), Swan is a newly minted detective looking into the murder of a teenage aboriginal girl named Julie Mason. Swan soon learns that she was a drug addict who would have sex with truck drivers for money. He then observes his colleagues, Johnno (The Matrix‘s Hugo Weaving) and Robbo (Robert Mammone), engaging in suspicious behavior.

You can watch this Mystery Road for free, with ads, on Popcornflix.

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