Dyn-o-mite! JJ & Mike

We Are Still Here, a new stand-up hour, stars two comics determined to show that, yes, they’re still here: Jimmie Walker (J.J. Evans in the ‘70s CBS sitcom Good Times) and Mike Winslow (Larvell Jones in the ‘80s Police Academy films).

The show is now available to stream from a number of providers. We found the best price  — $3.99 –on Google Play, but you can spend a buck more for it on Vimeo, iTunes or Steam.

Fans of Walker and Winslow can, of course, also relive the past through the two comedians’ greatest triumphs.

You can stream all seven Police Academy films for about $21, or $2.99 each, from Google Play.

Winslow reprised his Police Academy role in a a 1988-1989 animated syndicated TV series and a 1997 live-action syndicated TV series.To see the pilots and additional episodes of each series for free, visit Dailymotion and  YouTube respectively.

You can buy the sixth and final season of Good Times (24 episodes) for $19.99, or pay $1.99 for individual episodes, at Amazon or iTunes. You can also watch the show for free on over-the-air channel GetTV. Pairs of episodes air weeknights at 9 pm and midnight ET.

To receive GetTV free, hook an antenna up to your TV set and then locate your local station by visiting their “Get the Channel” page.

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