Roddenberry Nirvana

(Above: The Roddenberry Nexus. Source: Sansar)

Soran was not able to escape into the Nexus … but you can.

Social VR company Sansar and Roddenberry Entertainment have launched The Roddenberry Nexus, a virtual destination designed as an online nirvana for Trekkies and other science fiction fans.

The interactive space allows visitors virtual access to props, costumes and other artifacts from the Roddenberry archives. It also features new stories and will serve as a venue for future Roddenberry events and meetups.

Coming Soon on Roddenberry Nexus

Next Thursday, August 16 at 10 pm ET, The Roddenberry Nexus will host a guided tour.

Thursday, August 30, at 10 pm, The Roddenberry Nexus will stream a “new” short film, Instant.

If you don’t feel like waiting until August 30 to watch Instant with your virtual friends, you can watch it now, right here:

This is not Sansar and Roddenberry Entertainment’s first collaboration. Last May they hosted a live episode of its Mission Log Podcast aboard a virtual recreation of the original Enterprise bridge.

You can visit The Roddenberry Nexus now at You will need to create a free account and download the Sansar app.

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