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(Above: Alec McCowen in ‘Mr. Palfrey of Westminster’)

This Monday, August 6, Acorn TV will debut the 1980s’ spy series, Mr. Palfrey of Westminster, along with a second season of the police drama, No Offence.

Mr. Palfrey of Westminster stars Alec McCowen as the eponymous Mr. Palfrey, a mild-mannered master of counterespionage. Caroline Blakiston is the “Coordinator,” who assigns Blair (Clive Wood) to assist Palfrey while reporting back on his doings. Palfrey, however, is an expert determined to root out spies and plots in his own way.

Cases include a senior NATO official whose involvement with an East European girl almost results in a security leak, and a former Foreign Office minister whose strange behavior is traced to a deadly form of hypnotism.

The show, which first aired on ITV in 1984 and 1985, relies on a display of wits, not chases and gunfights, to entertain viewers.

You will find the two seasons (a combined 10 episodes) at acorn.tv/palfrey_cs.

Episodes are also available free on YouTube. Here’s episode one:

No Offence, Season 2

In No Offence, which airs on Channel 4 in the UK,  Joanna Scanlan stars as Manchester Detective Inspector Vivenne Deering,

In the eight-episode first season, she led an investigation into the murders of young girls with Down’s syndrome. In the seven-episode second season, the detectives look into crime boss Nora Attah (Rakie Ayola).

Here’s the trailer for season two:

The cast includes Elaine Cassidy as DC Dinah Kowalska, Alexandra Roach (DS Joy Freers), Will Mellor (DC Spike Tanner) and Paul Ritter (Randolph Millers).

You’ll find both seasons at acorn.tv/nooffence.

Acorn TV costs $4.99 monthly or $49.99 for a year, with a seven-day free trial. You can stream Acorn online, and on Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android or Chromecast. For more info, visit acorn.tv.

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