Play with Your Food

(Above source: The Kraft Heinz Company)

Stop eating your food and play with it!

Jell-O has launched an animated series, The Jell-O Wobz, on DreamWorks TV’s YouTube channel and Amazon Prime.

Only the first three-minute episode is streaming on YouTube, with subsequent ones to pop every Monday for the next five weeks. Amazon subscribers, however, can watch all six episodes now.

The series is a follow-up to the dessert brand’s recent introduction of Jell-O Play, a product line of molds that enable four- to 12-year-olds to create toys and characters from Jell-O gelatin.

The Wobz are a group of Jell-O characters cast from things found in the kitchen.

The show’s theme? Each episode presents a situation in which the characters must confront and embrace their imperfections.

Bucket, the show’s star, comes to life when Jell-O powder gets knocked into a bucket and mixes with leftover kitchen junk. Other characters also have shapes that reflect their unique personalities. Meg, made from a measuring cup, is a perfectionist. Walter, cast from a surgical glove with a cut-off thumb, fears making mistakes.

Here’s an introduction to Bucket:

Sure, The Jell-o Wobz is obvious brand promotion, but the show may be fun for kids to watch.

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