‘Blood Clots’ Anthology

(Above: ‘Blood Clots.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

Blood Clots, a repackaging of seven horror shorts from Hewes Pictures, will debut on Vimeo and Amazon tomorrow, August 3.

Pricing was not announced.

Blood Clots offers a potpourri of comedic horror staples – cannibals, zombies and other oozing, slithering creations from the fertile minds of makeup artists.

The anthology includes The Call of Charlie, directed by Nick Spooner, which involves a trendy Los Angeles couple arranging an uncomfortable blind dinner date with an “ancient creature.”  You can already watch that 14-minute short with an Amazon Prime subscription, rent it for $1.99 from Amazon, or buy it for $1.99 from Vimeo.

There’s also Time to Eat, which Luke Guidici directed, about a bored eight-year-old boy, Xavier, who stumbles upon a scary tentacular playmate in the basement.

You can watch that short here:

The five other shorts, whose titles were not provided, are directed by Evan Hughes, Sid Zanforlin, Carl Timms, Patrick Longstreth, Timothy J. Richardson and Martyn Pick.


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