Shout’s Fish Feast

If you’ve never seen Piranha, here’s your chance to indulge.

Shout Factory TV will host a 24-hour marathon of the cult classic this Friday, August 3, starting at 6 pm ET on its Twitch channel.

The 40th anniversary celebration will include behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, outtakes and The Making of Piranha, featuring interviews with Piranha executive producer Roger Corman and director Joe Dante.

A Little History

The successful release of Jaws in 1975 spawned a wave of water-logged imitators, both big and small.

Orca (1977) pitted Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling, Will Sampson, Bo Derek and Robert Carradine against a giant white hellbent on revenge for the death of its mate.

In Piranha (1978), a gaggle of small, human-eating fish were accidentally released into a summer resort’s rivers. (It could happen.)

Jaws director Steven Spielberg called Piranha “one of the best Jaws rip-offs.” Indeed, Spielberg later hired Dante to direct another creature spoof, Gremlins (1984).

The cast includes B-movie veteran actor Kevin McCarthy, whom Dante also directed in The Twilight Zone: The Movie, as well as Bradford Dillman and Heather Menzies-Urich.

To stream the marathon for free, visit Shout Factory TV’s Twitch channel.

You can also stream Orca from $2.99 via Google Play and other providers.

Jaws is available with an Amazon Prime subscription. Or you can rent it starting at $2.99 from Vudu and other services.

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