‘Love Hurts’ On Acorn TV

(Above: Zoë Wanamaker and Adam Faith in ‘Love Hurts’)

The British romantic comedy Love Hurts, which ran for three 10-episode seasons (1992 to 1994) on BBC One, will stream on Acorn TV starting this Monday, July 30.

Love Hurts stars Zoë Wanamaker as Tessa Piggot, whose married ex-lover (and also ex-boss) leaves her for a younger woman. Looking to make a dramatic life change, Tessa quits her corporate job to work in a nonprofit organization. She also swears off men – that is, until she meets Frank Carver (Adam Faith), an entrepreneur and ladies’ man who is learning to negotiate living with his college-age daughter.

Here’s an extended clip from the premiere episode:

Zoë Wanamaker fans can also catch the actress in another series now streaming on Acorn TV.

In the six-part drama Girlfriends, Wanamaker is one of three friends struggling with issues associated with “being a modern woman of a certain age.” Downton Abbey fans will recognize Phyllis Logan as Linda, struggling to cope with the sudden death of her husband of 30 years. Linda, Gail (Wanamaker) and Sue (Miranda Richardson) also face problems ranging from a pending divorce to losing a good job due to age discrimination.

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