Safe Kids’ Gaming Videos

Worried about your game-loving kids running into inappropriate videos or ads? Tankee, full of curated gaming-centered videos for six- to 12-year-olds, will shield them.

Tankee has just launched in open beta via an iPad app, with additional platforms promised starting later this year.

Tankee videos feature Minecraft, ROBLOX, Rocket League and many other games. Contributing social media influencers include CutePlay, NyteOwl, Speedy, Thinknoodles, ThnxCya, and AviatorGaming; as well as Machinima’s JeromeASF, Biggs87x, EckoSoldier and Unspeakable.

SuperParent, meanwhile, is providing content aimed at helping parents make good game-buying decisions with their kids, while Tankee has partnered with SuperAwesome to ensure secure parental authorization and age-appropriate ads.

For more info or to download the iPad app, visit

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