Backstage #TimesUp Drama

(Above: Matilda Ridgway and Mark Leonard Winter in ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.’ Credit: Julien Chichignoud)

In the 24-minute drama Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, two Australian filmmakers – Sunday Emerson Gullifer and Alexandra George – seek to convey the injustices women experience in the theater, film and television industries.

The black-and-white film, which takes its name from a speech in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, involves an actress named Lizzie (Matilda Ridgway) who is playing Lady Macduff in a production of the Scottish play. The director, Helmut (Mark Leonard Winter), is a well-known “auteur,” who abuses the cast in service of a vision featuring onstage violence and brutality. This causes Lizzie “to question a life of commitment and sacrifice to her calling.”

“I thought about the way men are so often elevated as geniuses, while women have to prove themselves over and over again,” said the film’s writer/director Gullifer.

You can stream Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, for free on Vimeo. You can also watch it right here:

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