Unhappy Returns

(Above: Hoyt Richards and Scott King in ‘Intersection.’ Source: Indican Pictures)

Hoyt Richards is Cobb Mills, a guilt-ridden man who returns each year to the remote town where his teenage daughter died in a car crash, in the new movie Intersection.

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Mills, having driven the car that resulted in his only child’s death, makes an annual pilgrimage to Dusty Springs where the tragedy occurred. This year, however, when his car breaks down he encounters a mysterious, seductive woman, Nash Fuller (Anabella Casanova). As a relationship develops, it becomes evident that she has a dark past that will haunt them both.

The cast also includes Johnny “Roast Beef” Williams (Lou), Scott King (Jake), Bonnie Hellman (Dorris) and Dawn Ann Billings (Julie).

Tim French directed and co-wrote the film with his father Michael French, a novelist.

For more, visit intersectionthemovie.com.

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