Hammy Aliens on Laff

(Above: John Lithgow, Joseph Gorden-Levitt, Kristen Johnston and French Stewart in ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’)

Perhaps the hammiest cast of aliens ever to devour the TV screen is now on free over-the-air comedy channel Laff.

Starting today, 3rd Rock from the Sun, which originally aired for six seasons on NBC (1996-2001), will run four consecutive episodes weekdays from 5 to 7 pm ET.

The show’s premise involves four extraterrestrials posing as a family who secretly observe – and are frequently baffled by — human behavior.

John Lithgow stars as the alien expedition’s commander who pretends to be Dr. Dick Solomon, an excitable physics professor at fictional Pendleton State University.  Lithgow won six consecutive Best Actor Emmys for his portrayal.

Kristen Johnston plays Sally Solomon, the expedition’s goofy security officer, a role for which she won three consecutive Best Supporting Actress Emmys (1997-1999).

The other expedition members include Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tommy Solomon, disguised as a high-school student; and French Stewart as the strange Harry Solomon, who, thanks to a transmitter in his head, can communicate with the team’s unseen superior, Big Giant Head.

The cast also includes SNL alumna Jane Curtin as Dr. Mary Albright, an anthropology professor at Pendleton, who is also Dick’s colleague and possible love interest.

You can watch the pilot episode below:

You can see Laff by hooking up an antenna to your TV set. To locate your local station, visit Find Laff TV.

3rd Rock from the Sun is also available to stream

You can access the entire series with an Amazon Prime subscription; or you can purchase individual episodes for $1.99 from Amazon.

You can also stream episodes from the first two seasons for free on Vudu; you’ll need to register for an account, no credit card required.

Numerous episodes are also available free via DailyMotion.

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