Unpleasant In-Laws

(Above: The cast of ‘Lotsa Luck!’)

Nostalgia-focused free over-the-air networks continue to rescue long-forgotten sitcoms from the dustbin of history.

Starting July 21, Antenna TV will add two such shows to its Saturday lineup. Both feature rather unpleasant in-laws.

The Paul Lynde Show (1972-1973)

Paul Lynde escaped Hollywood’s Center Square to headline his own comedy series for ABC, The Paul Lynde Show. It lasted 26 episodes.

Lynde is Paul Simms, a hapless attorney who lives with his wife Martha (Elizabeth Allen) and two daughters, Barbara (Jane Actman) and Sally (Pamelyn Ferdin). Domestic tranquility is disrupted when Barbara’s new husband, unemployed college student Howie Dickerson (John Calvin), moves in.

The cast also features Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara as Howie’s parents, Barney and Grace.

You can catch The Paul Lynde Show Saturdays at 6:30 pm ET.

Lotsa Luck! (1973-1974)

Talk about unwanted houseguests.

At 7 pm Saturdays, Dom DeLuise stars as Stanley Belmont in Lotsa Luck!, a sitcom co-created by Carl Reiner, that ran 22 episodes on NBC.

Belmont, who works for a New York City bus company, lives with – and financially supports – his pushy mother (Kathleen Freeman), whiny sister (Beverly Sanders) and her slovenly, unemployed husband (Wynn Irwin).

Belmont’s family, film critic Danny Peary wrote in the 1977 edition of the TV Book, were “the most unpleasant housemates ever to appear on TV.” That was before the Bundys, of course.

More from Antenna TV

Antenna TV will add two other sitcoms to its weekday lineup starting Monday, July 16.

What’s Happening Now (1985-1988), a syndicated revival featuring the now-grown-up cast from ABC’s What’s Happening (1976-1979), will air weekdays at 5:30 pm. Both series ran for three seasons.

Archie Bunker’s Place (1979-1983), CBS’ continuation of All in the Family sans Edith (Jean Stapleton), will appear in the 7:30 pm timeslot.

Antenna TV, as its name implies, is available via an antenna hooked up to your TV set. Visit Antenna TV’s Channel Finder to find your local station. For more on Antenna TV’s revised schedule, visit Antenna TV.

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