Hooray for ‘Hollyweed’

(Above: Kevin Smith, ‘Hollyweed’)

The pilot for Hollyweed, a Kevin Smith (Clerks) stoner workplace comedy series, has launched for free on Rivit TV, a new service that allows viewers to decide how much to pay for a full six-episode season.

Here’s the process: For 45 days, or until August 26, you can watch the pilot and then visit rivittv.com, enter your billing information, and choose the maximum per-episode price (from $1.99 to $5.99) you’d be willing to pay for a full season. The more people willing to pay, the lower the price ultimately becomes. You’ll be charged the final price only if the show’s goal of $5,305,264 is reached by the end date. New episodes will then start running on a weekly basis 75 to 90 days later.

Confused? Consult Rivit TV’s “How It Works” page.

Rivit TV, which plans to offer additional pilots in this fashion in the future, is currently available at rivittv.com, with iOS and Android apps promised soon.

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