‘The Twelve Kingdoms’

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The Twelve Kingdoms, a 45-episode classic anime series, premieres tomorrow, June 29, on AsianCrush, a streamer available in both free and subscription versions.

The Twelve Kingdoms, which originally aired on Japan’s NHK in 2002-2003, was adapted from a series of fantasy novels by Fuyumi Ono. The series follows the adventures of an unhappy high school student “who suddenly discovers that she’s the rightful heir to a mysterious kingdom. Once transported to this other world with two of her classmates, their status as ‘kaikyaki’ (people who come from Earth) make them hunted fugitives, so they set off on a journey of danger, magic and political intrigue.”

Here, a YouTube series Anime Spotlight sheds more light on The Twelve Kingdoms:

AsianCrush’s anime content is available either dubbed, subtitled or in both versions, but the service did not say how The Twelve Kingdoms will be presented.

Other classic anime titles on AsianCrush include Jin-Roh, Arcadia of My Youth, Fist of the North Star: The Movie, Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie and Street Fighter II.

AsianCrush, which offers multiple genres besides anime, is available either free with commercials following registration, or in an ad-free version starting at $4.99 monthly which also includes extra content like early releases, director’s cuts and bonus features. For more information, or to register/subscribe, visit asiancrush.com.

A sister service, Midnight Pulp, subtitled “Streaming all Things Strange,” also includes anime, plus loads of movies in such genre categories as exploitation, horror, martial arts and sci-fi/fantasy. Pricing is structured similarly to AsianCrush. For more information, or to register/subscribe, visit midnightpulp.com.

In addition to the web, both services can accessed on a variety of devices.

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