‘Blair Witch’ Spoof

(Above: Alex Dona and Ishak Issa in ‘The Claire Wizard Thesis.’ Source: Terror Films)

The Claire Wizard Thesis, an Australian spoof of the 1999 horror classic The Blair Witch Project, is now available to stream with an Amazon Prime subscription.

The premise: In September 2016, student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Sydney, Australia while shooting a found-footage horror movie. The found footage from the found-footage movie reveals an aspiring film auteur and “ego-maniac” Jacob Lewis (Alex Dona), who has “dreams of becoming the next big Hollywood director.” Unfortunately, “he has no idea what he’s doing and neither does any of the cast or crew.”

Jacob’s brother David (James Mitry) shot the behind-the-scenes footage that introduces the film’s cast and crew. Lucy Crew (Rose Marel) is the beleaguered crew. The Extra (Tim Love) is an “overly eager showtunes singing extra and model.” Sharon Anderson (Krystal Lencova), an “influencer” and former playmate model, plays the film’s “diva leading lady.”

The cast also includes Fury Glanville, Will Averill, Georgina Neville and Shaun Robert Foley.

Ishak Issa wrote and directed The Claire Wizard Thesis. He also plays Diego Acosta, who can barely act or speak English.

In addition to Amazon Prime, Terror Films plans to release the film on iTunes, Vudu and Tubi TV on Friday, June 29. Price was not announced.

For more information, visit theclairewizrdthesisfilm.com.

You can also rent The Blair Witch Project starting at $1.99 in SD/$2.99 in HD from Fandango and other providers.

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