‘Graves’ Demons Return

(Above: ‘Graves.’ Source: YouTube screenshot)

Graves, described as a teen horror/dramedy series but about a woman facing demons as her 30th birthday approaches, will launch its third and final season this Sunday, June 17, at graveswebseries.com. Seven additional episodes will then debut each Sunday through August 5.

Christine Nyland, who co-produces with Terence Krey, stars as a comic book artist in a small town who, along with some friends, must confront demons trying to settle a score from their teenage years.

Each Graves episode is only a few minutes long, so if you want to catch up on the first two seasons (13 episodes), you can probably do it under 90 minutes. Visit graveswebsseries.com to binge. Or get started right here with the first episode:

Krey, who created and wrote Graves, previously helmed the 13-episode short-form sci-fi series Oh, Inverted World, about a college grad  who returns home to her small town where she must deal with a strange woman who insists that the moon is going to fall into the  Earth. You can stream that entire series at ohinvertedseries.com, or start with the first episode here:


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