‘Pronoia’ is ‘Creepy’

 (Above: Hannah Jane McMurray and Stelio Savante star in ‘Pronoia’)

The word “pronoia” is defined as “the belief that the universe is conspiring in your favor.”

Perhaps that’s the case with the short thriller Pronoia, whose mysterious journey to Amazon propelled us to watch and review it.

First came the announcement last month that Pronoia would premiere during the week of May 27th as the fourth episode of Creepy Chronicles, a Twilight Zone-like Amazon Prime anthology series.

June arrived, but not Pronoia, although iMDB posted its premiere date as June 1.

Some two weeks later, Pronoia has finally debuted. Amazon, though, lists its release date as May 28, and – in a Star Wars-type twist – episode four of Creepy Chronicles has become episode one!

You can now see Pronoia and the other three episodes of Creepy Chronicles – which allegedly all premiered last October – through an Amazon Prime subscription. Non-subscribers can also stream each of them –  for 99 cents in SD or $1.99 in HD.

Oh, yes. Our short review for a short film:

Pronoia is a well-directed, mysterious 18-minute thriller, but we didn’t get the ending.

Really, though, who cares what we think when the world is conspiring in your favor?

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