Marking World Oceans Day

(Above: ‘Splash and Bubbles’)

Today, June 8, is World Oceans Day.

So TV’s only daily show focusing on ocean science and marine biology – the PBS animated kids series Splash and Bubblesis diving in with a live streaming event and three new episodes.

You can visit the show’s Facebook page at 5 pm ET today for a live visit with sea turtles, African penguins and more from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. Two of the aquarium’s biologists will be on board to chat about ocean issues and answer questions submitted by viewers.

Here, as live-streamed on Wednesday from Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati, is a similar session focusing on sharks:

Then, this coming Monday through Wednesday, three new Splash and Bubbles episodes will premiere. (Check local listings for stations and times.)

As described by co-producer The Jim Henson Company, “The Reeftown Rangers wonder where the end of the ocean is, or if the ocean even has an end.” They “enlist a cleaner shrimp to help a great white shark with a toothache, and discover a rainbow salmon, Sal, who teaches them where all the water goes beyond the ocean.” They also “meet a fish with a sunburn.”

Apparently, that fish didn’t use sunscreen! But even sunscreen products can have harmful effects on our oceans, according to Reefs at Risk, a short film launching today at and right here:

Reefs at Risk, examining how sunscreens can affect not only coral reefs but also marine life and even people, was produced by Hawaii’s Fagan Films.

Incidentally, one of the coral reefs shown in Reefs at Risk – at the Wai Opae tide pools – has been destroyed since the film’s production, not by sunscreen products but by the lava flow from the Kilauea Volcano eruption.

Splash and Bubbles has run for two years and over 30 episodes on PBS and the PBS Kids 24/7 channel.  Netflix subscribers can also stream 20 episodes of the show.

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