Buzzr’s Live Stream

(Above: ‘Match Game’ host Gene Rayburn)

Over-the-air game show channel Buzzr is now also available free online via live stream.

Launched in 2015, Buzzr features episodes of classic game shows including Match Game with Gene Rayburn, Supermarket Sweep with David Ruprecht, as well as Family Feud, Sale of the Century, Card Sharks and Password Plus.

Buzzr also includes shows from televisions “Golden Age,” including To Tell the Truth, I’ve Got A Secret and Beat the Clock.

Here’s a 1962 episode of To Tell the Truth including celebrity panelists Johnny Carson and Betty White:

As The Savvy Screener reported earlier in the week, through today, one of four Match Game episodes running from 5 to 7 pm ET will include a celebrity misspelling. Buzzr asks viewers to identify each day’s misspelled word and then spell it correctly on the channel’s Facebook page for the chance to win a Buzzr “gift pack” valued at between $75 and $100.

Of course, you can still watch Buzzr for free by using an antenna hooked up to your TV set. To find your local channel number, go to, click on “Find Buzzr in Your Area,” and enter your zip code.

Visit Buzzr to peruse its schedule of game show classics.

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