‘Walker, Texas Ranger’

GetTV’s got Walker, Texas Ranger, the action series starring martial artist and actor Chuck Norris.

The over-the-air channel will start broadcasting episodes this Monday, June 4. The show will air weekdays from 2 to 6 pm ET and Sundays 5 to 10 pm.

Filmed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Walker, Texas Ranger ran on CBS for nine seasons (196 episodes, 1993 to 2001).

Norris played Cordell Walker, “an old-school Texas Ranger” who typically dispensed justice with a roundhouse kick to the head. Walker partnered with James Trivette (Clarence Gilyard Jr), a former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver who took “a more modern approach involving computers and cellphones.”

The cast also included Sheree J. Wilson as assistant district attorney Alex Cahill and Noble Willingham as Ranger-turned-restauranteur C.D. Parker. Seasons seven through nine also featured Nia Peeples and Judson Mills as rookie Rangers Sydney Cooke and Francis Gage.

Walker, Texas Ranger led to a 1999 spinoff series Sons of Thunder, which ran for six episodes. There was also a 2005 TV movie Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire.

You can receive GetTV with an antenna connected to your TV set. To find out where you can watch, visit GetTV’s “Get the Channel” page.

Streaming options for Walker, Texas Ranger are limited. You can only catch the first two seasons for free on Crackle. The TV movie and Sons of Thunder are currently unavailable.

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