‘The Americans’ Reversed

(Above: Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell star in ‘The Americans’)

Sleepers and Adaptation invert the plot of The Americans.

Fans of The Americans, FX’s saga of Russian spies embedded as average Americans in the 1980s, might experience withdrawal symptoms following the conclusion of tonight’s final episode.

But if you understand Russian, why not try seeing the plot from the other side by heading over to YouTube for a free binge of Sleepers? As explained in The Atlantic, Sleepers is a copycat Russian-produced series set in the present-day in which Americans embedded as Moscovites try to destabilize Russian society.

Two seasons have run in Russia. Here’s episode one, in Russian without subtitles:

Russians can view another current series that’s been compared to The Americans, as reported in The Washington Post. This one, a comedy called Adaptation, also takes place in the present day. Ironically perhaps, American actor Peter Jacobson, who’s played an FBI agent named Wolfe on multiple episodes of The Americans, costars as a CIA handler who sends an embedded spy on his missions.

We believe the following is a trailer for Adaptation, which has just filmed its second season, but we’re hardly fluent in Russian:

The final episode of The Americans airs tonight at 10 pm ET. If you don’t get FX but subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can start watching the series, highly recommended by The Savvy Screenerfrom the beginning. Five seasons are currently available. You can also buy season one through five from Amazon for $9.99 each, and the final season for $24.99 — or from multiple other providers at various prices.

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