The Love Destination

A subscription streaming service focusing on love, dating and relationships for lonely people?

Yes, The Love Destination is coming soon.

“Our mission is to help alleviate loneliness and inspire and empower women,” said Founder/CEO Katia Loisel, an Australian-based “dating, relationship and body language expert” who has long been producing videos like the following:

For $9.95 monthly, The Love Destination promises not only such “expert” advice as above, but also “online courses, how to’s, lifestyle, documentaries, films and educational content.” It’s all “designed to help you to connect and make you feel good about love and life.”

We visited for a taste of what to expect on the new service. Much of the content is already up for free, including other “Expert Series” selections (like the one above), how-to’s like Traveling Dietitian: Hot Nutrition Topics, films like Happily Ever After, and documentaries like Mr. Happy Man.

Shows listed as “coming soon” include French Kiss: The Art and Science of Kissing and Eat in Love: Food with Benefits.

Online courses will include Smart Online Dating, Rewire Your Brain for Better Relationships and Melt Massage for Couples.

And here’s The Power of a Kiss: 10 Reasons to Pucker Up Today, the featured video on The Love Destination’s Facebook page:

The Love Destination ‘s subscription streaming service plans to launch later this year.


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