‘ACORN & the Firestorm’

(Above: Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN)

ACORN and the Firestorm premieres today.

Regular readers know that The Savvy Screener often covers new Acorn TV programming on Mondays. Last week, for instance, we wrote about The Far Pavilions.

Our new Acorn show today, however, has nothing to do with that Brit-focused subscription streaming service. Rather, it’s an entirely American story about ACORN, the community organizing group that became the focus of a right-wing vendetta when Barack Obama was elected to the Presidency.

The 90-minute documentary ACORN and the Firestorm, centering around “one little video” involving a fake prostitute that eventually led to the group’s demise, premieres for free tonight  on the PBS series Independent Lens (10 pm ET, but check local listings). You’ll also be able to stream it free starting tomorrow, May 22, on PBS.org/Independent Lens.

ACORN and the Firestorm was produced and directed by Reuben Atlas and Oscar nominee Sam Pollard (Four Little Girls).

“Reuben and Sam lay out how one video smear campaign can lead to death by media,” said Lois Vossen, executive producer of Independent Lens. “This film sheds relevant light on how we got to this age of alternative facts and fake news.”

If such thoughts make you yearn to escape from the real world of today’s USA, feel free to visit today’s international fictional premieres on Acorn TV: an Australian family comedy (Sando), a British psychological thriller (Amnesia), and Russia’s most famous romantic epic (Anna Karenina).

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