‘The Who Was? Show’

(Above: Marie Antoinette is featured in ‘The Who Was? Show.’ Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Netflix’s The Who Was? Show presents historical figures via improv, sketches, impersonations, music videos and animated shorts

Comedy Central’s Drunk History is 100% proof positive that history can be an entertaining subject – when offered for laughs.

Drunk History doesn’t quite send the right message to young audiences, however.

On the other hand, Netflix created its new “Kids & Family” comedy The Who Was? Show specifically to engage children with age-appropriate humor.

The Who Was? Show, for eight-year-olds and up, presents historical figures via improv, sketches, impersonations, music videos and animated shorts.

The famous figures include Julius Caesar, Bruce Lee, Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette, Picasso, Queen Elizabeth, Frida Kahlo, Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin and Louis Armstrong.

The young cast bringing the stories to life include Haley Tju, Lilla Crawford, Bentley Green, Adam Hochstetter, Zach Timson and Kirrilee Berger.

Andy Daly plays Ron, the group’s “loveable leader.”

The show, based on the Who Was? books, aims to be “secretly educational,” under cover of “overt silliness, excessive falling down, really bad dancing, spit takes, double takes, far too many rat puppets and occasional flatulence!”

You can watch all 13 episodes of season one now on Netflix.

Once the kids are asleep, you can then stream all five seasons of Drunk History with a Hulu subscription; or buy individual episodes for $2.99 from Amazon.

Co-created and hosted by Derek Waters, Drunk History features historical reenactments by celebrities, narrated by inebriated storytellers.

Here’s a wasted Lin-Manuel Miranda describing Alexander Hamilton’s marital infidelity:

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