Interpreting Dreams

We’ve got Dreams!

Launched yesterday, Dreams promised 10 new free, vertically formatted, mobile TV channels developed in conjunction with such partners as Discovery and Bloomberg.

After downloading and opening the Dreams app this morning, our screen filled up with high-def sharks. This turned out to be the Geo channel, which features long-form nature and animal documentaries from BBC Studios.

We started swiping left and found the following content, in order:

  • Iron Chef America on a mobile version of Food Network, which also features such other shows as Good Eats and Throwdown with Bobby Flay;
  • Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting on VHS, a channel with shows from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Other titles include Inspector Gadget, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (right) and Sonic the Hedgehog;
  • Color Splash on HGTV, another vertical version of a cable network, which also features shows like My First Place, Extreme Homes, and Tiny House Hunters;
  • Live business news on Bloomberg;
  • Yukon Men on Discovery, whose shows also include Survivorman, Storm Chasers and Dual Survival;
  • A live space walk from NASA TV on News Flash, described as “a new mobile news channel featuring live feeds of major world events”;
  • The reality show Wedding Wars on Wedding Week, described as “a pop-up channel culminating with a live stream of the Royal Wedding on May 19”;
  • A wheat field (left) on Slow, which offers “minimalist, ultra-longform ‘slow TV’ featuring soothing shots of landscapes, streams, and rainfall.”

If you’re counting, that’s only nine channels. When we tuned in again a couple of hours later Animal Planet, announced as the 10th one, popped up first on the screen, and the channel order had changed as well.

Missing were any kind of schedules for the nine channels, which would be a helpful tool for 24/7 linear content.

For more info, visit To try this mobile TV experience for yourself, download the Dreams app at the IOS App Store or at Google Play.

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