Martin Freeman ‘Cargo’

(Above: Martin Freeman in ‘Cargo’)

’48-Hours Later?’

Cargo, a zombie-apocalypse genre film starring Martin Freeman, debuts this Friday, May 18, on Netflix.

A la such films as 28 Days Later…, Cargo’s premise starts with the aftermath of a violent pandemic, this time in rural Australia. Freeman is Andy, who with his wife Kay, played by Susie Porter, take refuge on a houseboat.

Ultimately, the river is no haven. The couple is attacked, Kay is killed, and Andy is infected.

Andy, left with the couple’s one-year-old daughter, has 48 hours to find a new guardian for her before he’s ‘zombified.’ An aboriginal tribe are Rosie’s best chance of survival. The tribe has a “merciless attitude” toward the afflicted, however, posing a “grave threat.”

The cast includes Natasha Wanganeen as Josie and David Gulpilil as Daku.

Yolanda Ramke wrote the script and co-directed with Ben Howling.

For more information, visit Netflix.


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