The ‘SCTV’ Legacy

(Above: Bob and Doug McKenzie)

Even if you’re not old enough to remember SCTV, the classic sketch comedy series from some 40 years ago, you may well know some of its legacy. Do Bob and Doug McKenzie, Ed Grimley or Count Floyd ring any bells?

Those characters were played respectively by Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Martin Short and Joe Flaherty, who will reunite with fellow cast members Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin and Catherine O’Hara for a Netflix special honoring SCTV.  

 Martin Scorsese will direct the show, which is scheduled to debut sometime in 2019. Two other original cast members – the late John Candy and Harold Ramis – are sure to be featured as well.

SCTV, short for Second City Television, was a Canadian-originated series that ran in the US from 1977 to 1984, first in syndication and then on NBC.

Can’t wait until next year for an SCTV fix? The Second City, which has been running improvisational comedy clubs for 60 years, hasn’t forgotten what was perhaps its greatest achievement. While still creating comedy videos on a weekly basis, its website includes a page devoted to SCTV. A comprehensive YouTube site also offers loads of free videos.

Here’s John Candy in “Peter Pan Live,” decades before NBC’s 2014 version:

And here’s one of those annoying medical commercials targeted to seniors, this time from Harold Ramis:


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