Funny and Strange Moms

If Mother’s Day is a time for appreciating mom, GetTV and Comet TV have funny ways of showing it.

On GetTV, it’s literally funny.

The channel will air classic back-to-back episodes of All in the Family (1970 to 1979) and Good Times (1974 to 1979) featuring the best of Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton) and Esther Rolle (Florida Evans). The marathon starts Sunday at 1:30 pm ET, continuing until midnight.

All in the Family classics will include “Edith vs. the Bank,” “Edith Has Jury Duty,” and “Edith’s Problem,” which won a Best Comedy Writing Emmy.

You can also watch “Edith’s Problem” below:

Good Times episodes will include “Springtime in the Ghetto,” “The TV Commercial,” and “Florida, the Matchmaker.”

All in the Family regularly runs on GetTV weeknights from 7 pm to 8pm, and 10 pm to 11 pm ET. Good Times runs from 5 pm to 6 pm. For weekend times for both shows, and the complete Mother’s Day schedule, visit GetTV.

You can view GetTV with an antenna connected to your TV. To find out where to watch, visit GetTV’s “Get the Channel” page.

Streaming options for All in the Family are rather limited. You can watch season 3 for free on Crackle; or buy individual episodes from the first four seasons for $1.99 on iTunes. You can also find scattered episodes from all the seasons on YouTube. (All in the Family ran a total of nine seasons.)

Streaming options for Good Times are even scarcer. You can buy individual episodes from only the sixth and final season for $1.99 on Amazon or iTunes.

Comet TV

Comet TV’s Mother’s Day offerings fall into the funny strange, if not Freudian, category.

Take, for example, Deranged, a 1974 film that echoes Hitchcock’s Psycho. Roberts Blossom is Ezra Cobb, a farmer turned grave robber and murderer following the death of his possessive mother, played by Cosette Lee. Ezra keeps Ma Cobb’s corpse on hand for companionship. That film will start at noon ET.

You can also rent Deranged from Amazon for $3.99.

Or you can watch it free here (this copy contains French subtitles):

At 2 pm, Wicked Stepmother (1989) features Bette Davis in her final film role. Steve (David Rasche) and Jenny Fisher (Colleen Camp) return from vacation to find that Jenny’s father has married a real witch, Miranda Pierpoint (Davis).

You can also rent Wicked Stepmother for $3.99 on Amazon.

At 4 pm, there’s Mom (1991), about a TV reporter (Mark Thomas Miller) whose mother (Jeanne Bates) turns into a vicious werewolf.

You can also find Mom on Vudu for $2.99.

My Mom’s a Werewolf (1989), at 6 pm, continues the theme. A pet shop owner (John Saxon) bites the toe of housewife (Susan Blakely), leading to the inevitable transformation. Katrina Caspary plays the daughter.

You can stream My Mom’s a Werewolf with an Amazon subscription.

To check the Comet TV schedule for your area, visit or access it on apps from the Roku Channel Store or the Apple TV Store.

To watch Comet online, visit

To see if you’re in one of the 100+ markets that can access Comet on-air, go to and enter your zip code.


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