Matt Chat: ‘Gravity Falls’

(Above: Dipper and Mabel of ‘Gravity Falls’)

What shows would kids recommend to other kids?

‘Matt Chat’ is a column in which ‘The Savvy Screener’‘s Laurie Pasiuk talks to her nine-year-old son Matthew about programs he likes to watch.

In today’s article, Matt chats about Gravity Falls, an animated series that ran two seasons (40 episodes)  from 2012 to 2016, first on The Disney Channel and then Disney XD.

Stanford Pines (voiced by J.K. Simmons)

The series features 12-year old twins, Dipper (Jason Ritter) and Mabel Pines (Kristen Schaal), who spend the summer with their Great Uncle Stan Pines (show creator Alex Hirsch), aka Grunkle Stan, in Gravity Falls, Oregon. The kids help Grunkle Stan run “The Mystery Shack,” his tourist trap. And when Dipper finds a diary in the woods nearby, they also begin solving local supernatural mysteries. The three are joined in season two by Grunkle Stan’s long-lost six-fingered twin brother, Stanford Pines (J.K. Simmons).

You can stream Gravity Falls with a Hulu subscription. You can also purchase individual episodes for $2.99 from iTunes.

Episodes also air throughout the week on both The Disney Channel and Disney XD. If you don’t have a cable, satellite or telco subscription, you can get both Disney networks through Hulu Live, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV or DirecTV Now.

Laurie:  What TV show do you want to talk about today?

Matthew: ‘Gravity Falls.’

Grunkle Stan (voiced by Alex Hirsch)

Laurie: Why do you like it so much?

Matthew: Because it’s a show about monsters, and the characters are not scared of them.

Laurie: Why aren’t they scared?

Matthew: Because they have weapons to fight the monsters. These are made from alien spaceships that crash-landed a long time ago. Stanford used to take stuff from them when he was a kid.

Laurie: What kind of weapons?

Matthew: A magical flashlight that has a crystal that can make things bigger and smaller. And there was a grappling hook. There were other things too, but I can’t remember them all right now.

Laurie: Who are your favorite characters?

Matthew: Dipper and Stanford.

Laurie: Why are they your favorites?

Matthew: Because they know about all of the mysteries of Gravity Falls.

Laurie: What’s your favorite episode?

Matthew: “Weirdmageddon Part 3.”

Laurie: Why?

Matthew: Because it has most of the action. When they were defeating Bill Cipher, they created the Mystery Shack into a giant robot that had a force field around it. Bill Cipher is a dream demon in the shape of a triangle. He wants to exist in real life, not just in dreams, and he uses Dipper to try to take over Gravity Falls. But Dipper works with his great-uncles Stanley and Stanford to defeat Bill Cipher. The whole town has to help so that Bill Cipher doesn’t defeat them, or they will become his minions.

Laurie: Do you recommend this TV show to other kids your age?

Matthew: Yes, I do, because it shows them how important family is. Dipper and Mabel are twins, like Stanley and Stanford. And they all have to work together to find a way to stop the demon. But Stanley and Stanford don’t get along, so they have to work together and stop fighting. They learn that from how Dipper and Mabel work together.


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